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PPC management services with proven strategies to increase your PPC campaign's ROI

PPC management services

If you’re in search to get a speedy return on investment (ROI), then you need a PPC Marketing Agency to come to your rescue. Silicon Wave Marketing has a track record in creating result-driven campaigns in Google Advertising, Bing Advertising, social network, plus much more.
Although (SEO) Search Engine Optimization can be a significant way for long-term growth, sometimes you require an immediate boost to get more eyeballs on your offer. Silicon Wave offers PPC management services with proven strategies to increase your PPC campaign’s ROI

PPC Campaign Management Services

Our PPC Management Services workflow:

Complete keyword search: ” We ensure your website appears for the ideal search query by running through keyword research and also tracking your campaign’s performance closely all through…

Successful Advert Creation: ” We work smart to create the advert that receives the right traffic and conversion.

Landing web-page conversion optimization: We’re either going to create a landing page or optimize an already existing one tailored to receive the visitors from PPC campaigns if need be. We design a specific landing page for your offer rather than a complete web-page with lots of distractions.

Split Testing: Different Ads, would be set up to test the effectiveness of different ads. This will enable us to re-evaluate Ads campaigns.

Geo-Targeting PPC Campaigns: Location Optimisation and targeting, ads set up to reach people within specific geolocation to show your service or product 

Remarketing PPC Campaigns: Retarget visitors that have viewed your offer page. Using remarketing ads campaigns can help boost ROI on ad spend while increasing sales or lead.

Campaigns ROI Report: We’ll Provide accurate PPC Reports Focus on Goals, Data, and Delivery via Google Data Studio emphasizing the most significant details

What is PPC? (Pay Per Click)

PPC Marketing is a branch of digital marketing. And a PPC campaign can be created on search engine through (Google and Microsoft Ad formerly know as Bing ads), And social media channels via (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.) you only pay for results, which means when a users click-through your ads to your landing page you get a charge, It means you buying traffic from such platforms to your web properties.

Why use PPC Marketing Agency?

Dedicated PPC Expert

We took it as a priority. Being a PPC Marketing Expert for several years, to make technical more intricate, and sometimes overwhelming, online advertising processes as easy for our clients. Certainly one of many techniques we do is by simply providing all our PPC customers with one point of contact to manage your project as well as your inquiries.
You get to work directly with a dedicated PPC Expert. They get to understand your business model and your specific wants. we’ll eventually become your go-to PPC Marketing Agency for all your PPC Marketing Project.

Result Driven

Our Agency focuses on getting results for our clients to keep their business floating with continuous innovation and process-driven strategy by a team of focused PPC Experts. We understand that results speak for themselves.

Here's a look into our workflow that brings more targeted customers to your business.

PPC Management Services RoadMap

 A total audit of your site, past or current ads campaign to decide regions of shortcoming and improvement.

We’ll work closely with you to decide and execute the best PPC practices to attain your business objectives. Regardless of whether you want to get the lowest possible cost per acquisition or right targeting.

Targeted  keywords research to see search volume and trending terms individuals are constantly searching for related  to your product or industry.

Design and Write a dynamic ads that get high click through rate, set up ads extension, and also run A/B testing

Bid optimization dependent on season of day, week, gadget, and area. filter out negative keywords, Ads creatives testing, support and live updating.

Need a PPC Management Services?

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